Summa S One snijplotters

Summa S One vinyl cutters: very reliable vinyl cutters with an excellent price-quality ratio

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Product information

The Summa S One series consists of five highly reliable vinyl cutters with an excellent price-quality ratio. The Summa S One series can handle many applications, whether it concerns the precise cutting of laminated vinyl to flock and flex materials, sandblast films or other challenging material types. All S One vinyl cutters are equipped with GoSign software, a durable drag knife cutting head and OPOS X technology for automatic contour cutting of full color print work.

  • The Summa S One series combines power and precision with an efficient, affordable and fast drag knife cutting head.
  • The OPOS-X contour cutting system allows you to cut printed media with complete confidence and ease.
  • Excellent, reliable cutting quality over longer lengths of material is guaranteed.
  • The S1 140FX is an extra cost-effective Summa S1 cutter with six pressure roller positions for nine base widths.
Product specifications
  • brand
  • speed
    Up to 1131 mm / sec diagonal
  • dimensions
    970 x 406 x 304 mm (S1 D60); 1.615 x 704 x 1.112 mm (S1 D120); 1.765 x 704 x 1.112 mm (S1 D140(FX)); 1.960 x 704 x 1.112 mm (S1 D160)
  • weight
    18 kg (S1 D60); 43 kg (S1 D120); 43,5 kg (S1 D140(FX)); 48 kg (S1 D160)
  • maximum media width
    705mm (S1 D60); 1.350 mm (S1 D120); 1.500 mm (S1 D140(FX)); 1.690 mm (S1 D160)
  • cutting range
    590 mm (S1 D60); 1.235 mm (S1 D120); 1.385 mm (S1 D140(FX)); 1.580 mm (S1 D160)
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