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Application tapes are needed for transferring cut films or printing films. There is a suitable application tape for every application, depending on the film to be applied and the substrate. Application tapes come in (premium) paper and transparent varieties, and from low adhesion to high adhesion. Nautasign has application tapes of the brands RTape, TransferRite, 3M, Orafol and Poli-Tape.

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Everything you need to know about Application tape

Application tape is an indispensable tool for transferring cut films or print films. This tape is essential when working with stickers that consist of several individual parts and you want to keep them all in the same place during transfer.

Application tape for everyday use

Finding the right transfer tape can be a tricky task due to the plethora of choices on the market. Fortunately, RTape, TransferRite and 3M offer a wide range of options to meet different needs. Especially for everyday use, it is important to choose a tape that is both durable and versatile. An excellent choice in this respect is the premium paper application tape from RTape, TransferRite or 3M. This tape is known for its thickness, which provides the necessary strength for various applications. Whether applying stickers, attaching decorative elements or other creative projects, this tape offers reliable performance and makes work easier and more efficient. Moreover, the premium paper application tape is easy to handle and leaves no residue, making it a favourite among professionals. With its consistent quality and ease of use, it is no surprise that this tape is a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Paper versus Transparent Application Tape

There are two main types of application tape: paper and transparent plastic. Paper application tape consists of a paper coating with a layer of adhesive. It is slightly translucent but not completely transparent. This tape is generally softer and more flexible than its transparent counterpart. It is particularly suitable for wet application methods, where the paper has a porous structure that allows water or application fluid to easily escape and be wicked away.

Transparent tapes are made of plastic and offer the transparency some signmakers need. They allow very precise application of multiple colours on top of each other. However, wet application with transparent application tape requires more precision because moisture is harder to escape due to the tape's dense structure.

Application tapes and adhesion?

Discover the right balance between adhesive strength and application with our wide selection of application tapes. For most projects, tapes with medium adhesive strength are sufficient. But for specific needs, it is smart to choose tapes with a higher or lower adhesion.

Our low tack transfer tapes are ideal for bulky applications. The subtle adhesion spreads evenly over a large surface, making them perfect for situations where the substrate and film do not meet perfectly.

For precision work and lightly structured materials such as matt cutting films, tapes with high adhesive strength offer an excellent solution. And for the most challenging tasks, such as applying glass decoration films, we recommend tapes with an extra high adhesive strength.

Choose the right tape for projects and achieve professional results effortlessly. Application tapes provide the adhesive power needed, exactly where it is needed.

Discover more about Application tapes

Want to know more about application tapes?

Then read: signwijzer applicator tapes. This blog offers valuable insights and advice for successful use of application tape in various applications.

In short, transfer tape plays a crucial role in achieving accurate and professional results when applying stickers. By understanding the different types of tape and their applications, the right choice can be made to suit the needs and projects.

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