3M 2080-G24 Gloss Deep Orange 1524mm

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Carwrap film to fully or partially wrap a vehicle
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Product information

3M 2080-G24 Gloss Deep Orange

The 3M 2080-G24 Gloss Deep Orange is a car wrap film that is suitable for fully or partially wrapping a vehicle and thus giving it a unique appearance. The 3M 2080 car wrap film builds on the success of the 3M 1080 and 1380 series. This car wrap film has revolutionary and innovative properties, is easily deformable and easy to apply. The softer and more deformable film fits even better around slopes and in recessed areas, resulting in a sleeker appearance.

Protective Film Layer

A recyclable protective film layer on glossy colours reduces the risk of scratches and damage to the film. This ultra-thin film layer remains in place during assembly, even if you wrap recesses or slopes, but can be removed quickly, easily and cleanly after application. The film layer can be removed before the reheating starts.

3M 8900 wrap laminates

3M 8900 wrap laminates can give a car wrap an even more unique look. Herewith you can give every colour from the 3M 2080 series a carbon, metallic or brushed look.

3M Colour Up Your Shop Colourboard

The 3M Colour Up Your Shop Colourboard is a great tool for showcasing all 3M car wrap films. Each A5 sample of a colour can be placed in one of the 120 places. The display can stand on its own, but it is also possible to hang it on the wall. It is equipped with a center panel backlight, where fans or other tools can be placed.

  • Due to the Comply adhesive technology, the carwrap film can be applied quickly and easily.
  • The Controltac adhesive layer allows easy repositioning as long as the film has not yet been pressed.
  • The grey adhesive layer provides excellent opacity.
Product specifications
  • Brand
  • Material type
    car wrap films
  • Color type
  • Thickness (µ)
  • Release paper
    pe-coated Air Escape / Comply / RapidAir paper
  • Adhesive force (N/25mm)
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