HP Latex R1000 Plus

The 1.60 meter wide Hybrid HP Latex Flatbed Printer for rigid and flexible substrates with unparalleled print quality

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Product information

The HP Latex R1000 Plus is HP's 1.60 meter wide latex flatbed printer: with this printer you can print on both rigid and flexible substrates. The white HP Latex ink provides unprecedented print quality and makes it possible to print on surfaces such as wood and acrylic.

  • Has an enormous color range, both on rigid and flexible materials.
  • White HP Latex Ink is the most brilliant white ink; this ink does not yellow.
  • High productivity is guaranteed by easy loading and automatic maintenance.
  • The printer comes with installation, training and three years of service and maintenance.

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amazing print quality

Prints on rigid materials come out of the printer with a tremendously high quality due to the vibrant colour gamut. Because the Latex ink is much thinner than UV ink (6-8 microns compared to an average of 25-30 microns), the appearance is the same as on flexible materials.

most brilliant white ink

The new white HP Latex ink is opaque and tremendously brilliant on both transparent and coloured media, and does not yellow over time.

one ink technology for rigid and flexible materials

The printer's single-ink technology allows easy switching between rigid and flexible materials.

printing on rigid materials

Because inks dry at a lower temperature than generation 3 inks, it can print on a wide variety of rigid materials, up to a thickness of 50 mm. The printer automatically detects and measures the thickness before printing. After reading the thickness, the carriage beam is automatically positioned to the correct print height.

printing on flexible materials

As flexible materials can be easily laminated, the HP Latex R1000 Plus is even suitable for prints for car wraps. Rolls of up to 60 kg can be loaded automatically.

HP Latex Overcoat

The durable and flexible HP Latex ink has high adhesion and scratch resistance due to the new HP Latex Overcoat; only printing on glass and ceramics requires a primer.

Offline rotation chamber

When white ink is not used, the white print heads can be placed in an offline rotation chamber, in which the print heads circulate continuously to prevent clogging. This can save time on jobs that do not use white ink.

automatic maintenance

Recirculation and nozzle checks of the print heads take place automatically, ensuring high print quality.

automatic material recognition

The printer recognises the size of rigid materials and adjusts the vacuum zones accordingly. This intelligent vacuum system enables reliable and easy loading. The OBAS (Optical Belt Advance Sensor) measures belt movement to prevent any banding during printing.

smart printer

It provides proactive notifications and preventive services to maximise uptime and cope with production peaks.

twee touch screens

It features a powerful internal print server with an intuitive interface that can be operated from either side of the printer.

3 years of free support and maintenance

The printer comes with installation, training and three years of service and maintenance.

Product specifications
  • Brand
  • Printing technique
    roll-to-roll, flatbed
  • Printhead(s)
    8 HP 886 Latex (C/K, M/Y, Lc/Lm, 2 Wh, 2 OP, OV)
  • Minimum drop size
    10 pl
  • Maximum media width
    hard materials: 1,625 x 1,220 mm (1,625 x 3,050 mm with extension tables); rolls: 1,630 mm
  • Maximum media weight
    68 kg
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