HP Stitch S500

The cost-effective textile printer for both dye-sublimation and direct printing on textiles up to 1,625mm wide

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Product information

The HP Stitch S500 is the cost-effective, high-speed textile printer suitable for both dye-sublimation and direct printing on textiles up to 1,625mm wide. This large format printer is equipped with 3 liter inks for larger print jobs without operator intervention.

  • Suitable for both dye-sublimation printing by means of transfer paper as well as direct printing on textiles.
  • An unprecedented colour consistency makes it possible to always produce the same colours, even if the conditions are different.
  • Developed for unattended printing of larger runs.
  • Produces high-quality prints at high speed.
  • Takes up little floor space.
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all-in-one solution

With just one device, you can print both on transfer paper and directly on textiles.

fast and high-quality printing

With the symmetrical 2x CMYK printhead configuration, highly saturated colours can be printed at top speed.

unattended printing

The 3-litre ink cartridges and heavy media rolls ensure unattended printing.

drop & dry printzone dryer

The Drop & Dry print zone dryer allows cockling to be avoided, allowing lightweight transfer paper to be used. The printer also has a tension-detecting winder that continuously monitors media feed and adjusts movement to prevent warping.

Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS)

The Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) ensures precise and accurate motion control.

integrated spectrophotometer

The integrated i1 spectrophotometer enables automatic calibration. This ensures the same colours over time, even across multiple printers.

user-replaceable printheads

user-replaceable printheads reduce downtime and service costs.

automatic maintenance

Automatic printhead maintenance reduces the daily number of printer interventions.

Smart Nozzle Compensation System

With the 1200 dpi printheads and Smart Nozzle Compensation System, reliable print quality is ensured.

printing on interior & decoration applications

The HP Stitch S inks are excellent for printing on polyester interior and decorative applications, such as cushions and upholstery fabrics.

printing on clothes

With HP Stitch S inks, sharp and vibrant colours can be consistently manufactured on garments, even at high top speeds.

textile printing

With HP Stitch S inks, the deepest blacks and most vibrant colours can be printed on textile fabrics.

front loading of the printer

The printer is the first dye-sub printer where media can be loaded from the front. This can save up to 50% in space.

HP SmartColor

HP SmartColor automatically detects when a colour falls outside a colour gamut and is matched with the nearest PANTONE colour.

Product specifications
  • Brand
  • Printing technique
  • Printhead(s)
    8 HP 614 Stitch (4 C/K, 4 M/Y)
  • Minimum drop size
    12 pl
  • Maximum media width
    1,625 mm
  • Maximum media weight
    55 kg
Introduction video HP Stitch
Introduction video HP Stitch S500
Automatic Maintenance & Smart Nozzle Compensation System
HP Stitch Spectrophotometer
Drop & Dry Printzone Dryer and Tension Sensing Winder
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