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Orion is an industrial sewing unit specifically designed for the awning industry. 

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Product information

Orion is an industrial sewing unit specifically designed for the awning industry.  It is the perfect solution for manufacturers who need high quality and fast performance for sewing awning fabrics (acrylic, polyester, technical textiles, PVC, etc).  It is equipped with a travelling tray that moves the fabric under a 
stationnary sewing head. 

Orion allows you to work with any sizes of fabrics, even if they are cumbersome. The fabric is held in place and tensionned with the use of clamps to ensure straight seams every time. With our special guides, it is possible to do lateral hems, overlaps, reinforcements and insert a PVC and/or pergola core.

Orion also has the option of Industry 4.0 kit. With Industry 4.0 kit, the sewing program and settings will automatically be loaded by reading the QR code of the work piece. You can easily achieve production traceability.

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  • Built for high production capacity - High sewing speed
  • Straight and perfect seams - 3+3 pneumatic transport clamps
  • Start sewing from 2 positions: from the sewing head or from the rear transport clamps.
  • Precise machine with high-quality results
  • Dürkopp Adler cl 867 sewing head with high-capacity hook (increases capacity by 70%)
  • Customised guides for different applications - based on customer needs
  • Guides are easy and quick to change
  • Designed for operation by one low-skilled operator
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
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    12.05m - 21.05m
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