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OS-600 Moon Halo
OS-601 Angel Dust
OS-612 Robotic Steel
OS-613 Silver Genius
OS-616 Mad Machine
OS-617 Grimreaper
OS-618 Nardo Grey Matte
OS-619 Dark Robot
OS-622 Stilldark
OS-626 Black Force
OS-627 Nightskin
OS-628 Black Bullet
OS-629 You Want It Darker
OS-631 Soul Sucker
OS-636 Zombie Shuffle
OS-642 Rising Force
OS-646 Racing Raptor
OS-648 Goblins Kiss
OS-654 Brainwave Blue
OS-655 Operation Windstorm
OS-656 Atomic Warfare
OS-659 Demolition Dark
OS-695 Nuke Em All
OS-700 Virginity White
OS-703 Luxury White 9010
OS-711 Pearl Necklace
OS-713 Heavenly Wonder
OS-715 Avalanche Grey
OS-716 Nude In The Wild
OS-717 End Of Decay
OS-718 Nardo Grey
OS-719 Gunraid
OS-723 Twilight Zone
OS-727 Obsidian Grey
OS-729 Bladescape Black
OS-736 Fusion Tech
OS-742 Mean Green Racing Machine
OS-743 Funny Weed
OS-745 Toxic Swamp
OS-748 Dragon Tear
OS-749 Grigio Olive
OS-753 Rising Ripcurl
OS-755 Hail To The King
OS-756 Breaker Of Storms
OS-757 Dreamscape
OS-758 Fear Of The Dark
OS-759 Doctor Thunder
OS-765 Wrapgasm
OS-770 Maranello
OS-775 Vamp Me
OS-777 Immortal
OS-778 Operation Maneater
OS-781 Vortex Orange
OS-782 Driven Orange
OS-795 Dynamitely Awesome
OS-812 Carbon Silver
OS-820 Carbon Grey
OS-828 Carbon Black
OS-829 Combat Camo Black
OS-845 Combat Camo Green
OS-1917 Elemento-6
OS-1917S Elemento Stealth
OS-1939 Black Metal Gloss
OS-1939S Black Metal Matte
OS-1978 Dionero
OS-1966 Forged Carbon Black Gloss
OS-1966S Forged Carbon Black Matte

Omega Skinz 1mtr. x 1525mm

Carwrap films to fully or partially wrap a vehicle

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Product information

Omega Skinz are car wrap films that are suitable for fully or partially wrapping a vehicle and thus giving it a unique appearance.

  • Due to the ICS adhesive technology, the carwrap film can be applied quickly and easily.
  • The repositionable adhesive layer allows easy repositioning as long as the film has not yet been pressed.
  • There are 60 colours available in matt, satin and gloss colours, flip and pearl colours and metallic and carbon look.
Product specifications
  • Brand
    Omega Skinz
  • Material type
    car wrap films
  • Substrate
    slightly curved, curved
  • Release paper
    pe-coated Air Escape / Comply / RapidAir paper
  • Weight release liner (gr/m²)
  • Thickness release liner (µ)
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