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751C-010 White
751C-010 White (1520mm)
751C-010M White Matt
751C-018 Light Ivory
751C-019 Signal Yellow
751C-020 Golden Yellow
751C-021 Yellow
751C-022 Light Yellow
751C-023 Cream
751C-025 Brimstone Yellow
751C-026 Purple Red
751C-027 Tomato Red
751C-028 Cardinal Red
751C-030 Dark Red
751C-031 Red
751C-032 Light Red
751C-033 Red Orange
751C-034 Orange
751C-035 Pastel Orange
751C-040 Violet
751C-041 Pink
751C-042 Lilac
751C-043 Lavender
751C-044 Magenta
751C-045 Soft Pink
751C-047 Orange Red
751C-048 Bordeaux
751C-049 King Blue
751C-050 Dark Blue
751C-051 Gentian Blue
751C-052 Azure Blue
751C-053 Light Blue
751C-054 Turquoise
751C-055 Mint
751C-056 Ice Blue
751C-057 Traffic Blue
751C-058 Ultramarine Blue
751C-060 Dark Green
751C-061 Green
751C-062 Light Green
751C-063 Lime-Tree Green
751C-064 Yellow Green
751C-065 Cobalt Blue
751C-066 Turquoise Blue
751C-067 Blue
751C-068 Grass Green
751C-070 Black
751C-070 Black (1520mm)
751C-070M Black Matt
751C-071 Grey
751C-072 Light Grey
751C-073 Dark Grey
751C-074 Middle Grey
751C-076 Telegrey
751C-077 Telemagenta
751C-078 Foliage Green
751C-079 Red Brown
751C-080 Brown
751C-081 Light Brown
751C-083 Nut Brown
751C-090 Silver Grey
751C-093 Anthracite
751C-109 Hull White
751C-203 Straw Yellow
751C-208 Post Office Yellow
751C-209 Maize Yellow
751C-211 Sun Yellow
751C-216 Traffic Yellow
751C-219 Yolk Yellow
751C-306 Crimson
751C-324 Blood Red
751C-325 Middle Red
751C-326 Signal Red
751C-332 Deep Orange
751C-333 Pure Orange
751C-335 Mars Red
751C-340 Chestnut
751C-348 Scarlet Red
751C-361 Apple Red
751C-403 Light Violet
751C-415 Summer Plum
751C-507 Capri Blue
751C-508 Signal Blue
751C-509 Sea Blue
751C-510 Clematis Blue
751C-517 Euro Blue
751C-518 Steel Blue
751C-532 Black Blue
751C-536 Middle Blue
751C-537 Deep Blue
751C-549 Dove Blue
751C-555 Glacier Blue
751C-588 Alpha Blue
751C-590 Blueberry
751C-591 Midnight Blue
751C-592 Navy Blue
751C-593 Striking Blue
751C-594 Pastel Blue
751C-595 Blue Green
751C-599 Pastel Turquoise
751C-604 Cactus Green
751C-607 Turquoise Green
751C-608 Petrol
751C-617 Emerald
751C-619 Traffic Green
751C-661 Leaf Green
751C-713 Iron Grey
751C-720 Komatsu Grey
751C-721 Slate Grey
751C-724 Ice Grey
751C-801 Loam Brown
751C-803 Chocolate Brown
751C-804 Beige Brown
751C-811 Sahara Beige
751C-813 Light Cream
751C-818 Saffron
751C-828 Earth Brown
751C-918 Nickel
751C-930 Gold
751C-932 Graphite Metallic

Oracal 751C High Performance Cast series 1260mm

Cast cut films for flat surfaces and surfaces with simple curves

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Product information

The Oracal 751C "High Performance Cast Film" series consists of cast cut films for flat surfaces and surfaces with simple curves.

  • Durability up to 8 years.
  • Suitable for many applications from flat to curved.
  • Available in 118 colours.
Product specifications
  • brand
  • material type
    coloured cut vinyl
  • substrate
    slightly curved, curved
  • weight release liner (gr/m²)
  • adhesive force (N/25mm)
  • maximum shrinkage (mm)
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