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970RA-010 White
970RA-010M White Matt
970RA-020 Golden Yellow
970RA-022 Light Yellow
970RA-026 Purple Red
970RA-028 Cardinal Red
970RA-030 Dark Red
970RA-031 Red
970RA-032 Light Red
970RA-045 Soft Pink
970RA-049 King Blue
970RA-055M Mint Matt
970RA-056 Ice Blue
970RA-057 Traffic Blue
970RA-067 Blue
970RA-070 Black
970RA-070M Black Matt
970RA-070SM Black Super Matt
970RA-073 Dark Grey
970RA-076 Telegrey
970RA-077 Telemagenta
970RA-090 Silver Grey
970RA-090M Silver Grey Matt
970RA-091 Gold
970RA-091M Gold Matt
970RA-092M Copper Matt
970RA-093 Anthracite
970RA-093M Anthracite Matt
970RA-100 Sunset Shift
970RA-100M Sunset Shift Matt
970RA-123 Lightning Strike
970RA-155 Intergalactic Blue
970RA-178 Baltic Blue
970RA-190M Moonlight Metallic Matt
970RA-192 Deep Blue Metallic
970RA-195 Dove Blue Metallic
970RA-196 Night Blue Metallic
970RA-196M Night Blue Metallic Matt
970RA-197 Azure Metallic
970RA-197M Azure Metallic Matt
970RA-201 Crocus Yellow
970RA-208 Post Office Yellow
970RA-209 Maize Yellow
970RA-216 Traffic Yellow
970RA-223M Saffron Yellow Matt
970RA-235 Canary Yellow
970RA-256 Cargo Yellow
970RA-285M Nato Olive Matt
970RA-286 Bottle Green
970RA-300 Mandarin
970RA-305 Geranium Red
970RA-315 Pearl Symphony
970RA-315M Pearl Symphony Matt
970RA-316 Amethyst
970RA-316M Amethyst Matt
970RA-317 Avocado
970RA-317M Avocado Matt
970RA-318 Aquamarine
970RA-318M Aquamarine Matt
970RA-319 Ultramarine Violet
970RA-319M Ultramarine Violet Matt
970RA-320 Cranberry
970RA-320M Cranberry Matt
970RA-351 Municipal Orange
970RA-363 Daggi Orange
970RA-368M Dark Red Metallic Matt
970RA-369 Red Brown Metallic
970RA-369M Red Brown Metallic Matt
970RA-371 Chili Red
970RA-372M Imperial Red Pearl Matt
970RA-406 Violet Metallic
970RA-406M Violet Metallic Matt
970RA-464 Lawn Green
970RA-486 Tree Green
970RA-509 Sea Blue
970RA-511 Night Blue
970RA-544 Indigo Blue
970RA-547 Fjord Blue
970RA-553 Lagoon
970RA-555 Glacier Blue
970RA-564 Light Navy
970RA-572 Police Blue
970RA-602 Grass Green
970RA-612 Police Green
970RA-622 Fir Tree Green
970RA-677 Fir Tree Green Metallic
970RA-688 Algae Green
970RA-689 Juniper
970RA-704 Black Metallic
970RA-711 Stone Grey
970RA-724 Ice Grey
970RA-730 Simple Grey
970RA-793 Millennium Grey
970RA-793M Millennium Grey Matt
970RA-795 Steel
970RA-795M Steel Matt
970RA-809 Taxibeige
970RA-816 Papyrus
970RA-851 Thunderous Blue Green
970RA-874 Orient Brown Metallic
970RA-882 Cargo Red
970RA-897 Rose-hip
970RA-904 Silver Lake
970RA-905 Black Galactic Gold
970RA-905M Black Galactic Gold Matt
970RA-908 Aluminium
970RA-920 Bronze
970RA-920M Bronze Matt
970RA-921 Bronze Antique
970RA-922 Brass
970RA-926 Pyrite
970RA-926M Pyrite Matt
970RA-932 Graphite Metallic
970RA-932M Graphite Metallic Matt
970RA-933 Tin Metallic
970RA-934 Zinc Metallic
970RA-935 Grey Cast Iron
970RA-937 Charcoal Metallic
970RA-937M Charcoal Metallic Matt
970RA-944M Red Gold L Metallic Matt
970RA-945 Crystal White
970RA-946 Nacre
970RA-959 Tangerine Dream
970RA-961 Luscious Lips
970RA-963 Jetstream Blue
970RA-988 Green Blue
970RA-988M Green Blue Matt
970RA-989 Turquoise Lavender
970RA-989M Turquoise Lavender Matt
970RA-990 Aubergine Bronze
970RA-990M Aubergine Bronze Matt

Oracal 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast series 1mtr. x 1520mm

Carwrap films to fully or partially wrap a vehicle

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Product information

The Oracal 970RA "Premium Wrapping Cast" series consists of car wrap films that are suitable for fully or partially wrapping a vehicle and thus giving it a unique appearance.

Colour matching is possible: look here for more information

  • Due to the RapidAir adhesive technology, the carwrap film can be applied quickly and easily.
  • The repositionable adhesive layer allows easy repositioning as long as the film has not yet been pressed.
  • Up to 150% extensible and therefore suitable for most car wraps.
  • There are 129 colours available, in gloss, matt and metallic.
  • The 18 shift effect colours have been developed to create eye-catching decoration.
Product specifications
  • brand
  • material type
    car wrap films
  • substrate
  • thickness (µ)
  • release paper
    pe-coated Air Escape / Comply / RapidAir paper
  • weight release liner (gr/m²)
Introduction video Oracal 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast series
Introduction video Oracal 970RA Premium Shift Effect Cast series
Application instructions
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