Print media & laminates

In the category print media and laminates you will find all materials in the field of large format printing: printing materials and associated laminates, to banner materials and all kinds of specialist printing materials. Nautasign has print media and laminates of the brands such as 3M, Grafityp and Orafol which are suitable for all common digital printing techniques.

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Print media & laminates

Discover everything in print media & laminates for large format printing. At Nautasign, we offer an extensive range of materials ranging from self-adhesive print media to banners and specialist print materials from top brands such as 3M, Orafol and Grafityp, suitable for various digital printing techniques.

Types and grades of print media

Print media are available in many types. These include:


A cast print media is a film that is deformable and therefore extremely suitable for car wrapping and outdoor advertising, among others. These films are very durable and last about six to eight years.


A rolled polymer film is suitable for a flat surface or over a slight bulge. This film can be used both indoors and outdoors. The life expectancy of a polymer film is five to seven years.


Like a polymer film, an intermediate print media is also suitable for flat and slightly undulating substrates. Intermediate films are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications such as: general lettering, decorative panels and signage. These films last for about four to five years.


Rolled monomer film is very suitable for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors. In any case, the starting point is temporary use on flat substrates. For example, on a panel, a window or a door. The life expectancy of a monomer film is one to two years.


PVC-free films are green alternatives to traditional print media. PVC-free print media is available for both sloping and flat applications.

Crystal clear

Discover the clarity of our crystal clear print films, where the unprinted area is almost invisible thanks to its transparency. These films are suitable for both short-term and long-term applications. Choose from two high-quality options: the cast glass-clear glossy PVC print film and the glass-clear glossy polyester print film.

Advantages of a cast film

With cast films, the PVC is not poured as a paste, but as a liquid. The advantage of this is that the films are more shrink-proof, as they are not put under tension. They are also easier to cut and apply to difficult and deep substrates. In addition, cast print media is highly resistant to UV radiation from sunlight.

What is the difference between monomer and polymer?

The difference between monomer and polymer is in the raw materials used and the way the films are rolled. A monomeric film is rolled shorter, which often makes it thicker and less stretchy. A polymeric film is rolled longer, so it is often thinner and also more stretchy. Monomer is for short-term applications and polymer is for long-term applications.

Why use laminates?

Prints that are not only beautiful, but also last longer? Laminate is essential for this. It acts as a protective layer for printed materials, with many advantages.

Protection against moisture and UV: laminate blocks moisture and harmful UV rays, allowing prints to retain their colour and last longer.

Enhance durability: with laminate, prints become stronger and less prone to damage such as scratches, tears and creases.

Whether it is floor stickers that have to endure a lot of foot traffic, laminate provides protection even in harsh conditions.

Eco-friendly print foils

We all strive for a greener and sustainable world. Every metre of PVC replaced by sustainable films and print media contributes to a better environment. Our range includes an extensive range of PVC-free, self-adhesive, print media for various applications.

Find out more in our Knowledge Centre

Want to know more about print media and laminates? Visit our sign knowledge centre for tips on choosing the right materials for the project. Our sales consultants are also always ready to help you via e-mail, chat or phone.

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