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Interior & decoration materials are suitable for restyling or decorating interior spaces. Nautasign has interior and decoration materials, such as interior films and glass decoration films from the brands LX Hausys, 3M DI-NOC and its own brand Prime.

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Kitchen wrapping

The biggest advantage of kitchen interior wrap is that you can customise the kitchen to match the customer's interior. The kitchen is often an important room in the house, where a lot of time is spent. By wrapping the kitchen, you can easily customise its atmosphere and look. Kitchen wrapping is possible for minor damages, such as spots and scratches, and can even hide larger damages after filling in cracks or dents, for example. However, it is important that the kitchen is in good basic condition before wrapping it with foil. At Nautasign, you can order high-quality kitchen wrap film from LX and 3M DI-NOC.

Furniture wrap film

Does furniture actually need to be replaced, but with the help of a refurbishment can still last a round? With furniture film, you can make old furniture like new again. Whether it's cupboard doors, chest of drawers, a fridge, a table top, a side table or a television cabinet. Almost any item can be refreshed using furniture foil.

Decoration film

Tastes differ, which is why we offer several themed films. Does your customer prefer a particular design or does he prefer a plain film? We offer a wide selection of decoration films.

Closet film

Closet film is really nothing but self-adhesive adhesive film. The material comes in a variety of solid colours, decorative prints and mirror effects. It is often used to spruce up cupboards. With the help of a squeegee, you can smooth out the film nicely, making the cabinet last for years!

Glass decoration film

Are transparent polyester glass decoration films with unique designs suitable for applications on flat transparent substrates.

What should you pay attention to when applying interior film & decoration film?

Interior film has air channels in the adhesive layer, so dry application is recommended.  Make sure that the substrate is dry, flat and dirt-free before applying the decoration film, for optimal results. Is the substrate not yet level? Then first make it flat before applying the decoration film. Use a primer in the corners and for absorbent substrates such as MDF, plaster walls and stucco walls. Remove only a small piece (about 8 to 10 centimetres) of the protective sheet and then apply the adhesive film. Once the adhesive film is applied as desired, remove any excess air bubbles. Brush over the film with the squeegee from the centre to the sides. Due to the air channels in the film, the air bubbles should be fairly easy to scrape away from the interior film.

Would you like to know more about the films? Or are you unsure whether the film sticks well to the substrate? Then contact our sales staff or request a free sample.

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